Our team is motivated by a permanent quest for improvements, it has developed specific competences so as to know in depth what building is. This unique know-how guarantees that our clients receive the best study, implementation and realization quality as well as that any practical details are well managed.

3D scanner

The architectural drawing is one of the most important steps of any building and structure study. We have designed various and rigorous methods – from manual drawing with sketches and watercolours to point-cloud capture via a Leïca 3D scanner – all of those methods mix a sensitive approach to venues with a perfect management of geometry and deformations.

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3D modelling

It is a state of the art pedagogical tool, that enables to understand and make understand the spirit and the complexity of a building, the 3D modelling – seconded by a Archicad software - also offers the possibility to organize more realistic projections of the volumes.

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Computer generated imagery

So as to keep dialogue flowing with constructors and users, we use fix computer generated images or virtual journeys designed with Artlantis software. This also allows us to anticipate, as much as can be, potential problems with volumes, distribution, material and colours in any project.

Detail drawing

Our unique management of implementation detail drawings guarantees that we really control the architectural result as well as the worksite and its costs.