François Chatillon

François Chatillon


Cultural heritage and contemporaneous architecture

Since 1986, when the urban planning and architecture studio was created, François Chatillon has designed and implemented many projects in various sectors, ranging from social housing to historical monuments restoration. Starting with the background and the programme, he insists on offering architectural answers that have a clear composition and a simple functioning, with a special emphasis put on the materials and the implementation details. He has a genuine will to better understand architecture through the age and the cultures that is why, in 1999, he chose to enter the Centre des Hautes Études de Chaillot to be trained to understand techniques of ancient building construction.

Since 2005, as chief architect for historical monuments, in charge with the Marne and Ardennes French geographical department, and more recently in charge with the Meuse geographical department as well as the Grand Palais in Paris and of Voltaire’s caste in Ferney-Voltaire, he dedicates most of his professional time to restoring masterpieces of the architectural heritage.

He is actively involved in training the cultural heritage architects as a teacher in the DSA of the École de Chaillot in Paris.

He was named president of the association of chief architects for historical monuments in December 2010.

In parallel to those fascinating activities - and because he doesn’t see any theoretical incompatibility between restoring ancient building and creating new ones - he still designs and builds important public equipment.

The most demanding constructors enjoy the seriousness, the high level of experience and the energy of his team of collaborators, all well trained and competent.


From 1979 to 1983

- Architecture School in Grenoble, student of Nicolas Ragno, Françoise Very.
- Superior Musical Studies in Conservatoire de Grenoble, Max Coste clarinet course.


- Architecture School in Paris-Belleville (UP8).
- Winner of the competition to design collège de Pierre-de-Bresse (Saône et Loire) and follow up of the realization from 1983 to 1985.


- Foundation of the architecture and town planning agency Chatillon & associés in Ferney-Voltaire.

Since 1986

- Manages the agency and carried out various public and institutional projects, social housing, town planning and heritage studies together with François Gruson, Vincent Tallet, Michel Spitz, …


- Winner with a European group of partners of a research contract, funded by the European Community within the APAS program, to develop photovoltaic element applied to construction.


- Co-founder with Hervé Loichemol of the Centre Culturel de Rencontre de l’Auberge de l’Europe in the Voltaire castle in Ferney-Voltaire.


- In charge of studies and consultant for the CAUE of Haute-Savoie (Council of Architecture, Town Planning and Environment) for heritage and landscapes problems.


- Head Architect for historical monuments (major of promotion) in charge of Marne and Ardennes areas.


- Professor in the Centre des Hautes Études de Chaillot.


- Nominated chief architect for Grand Palais in Paris and the Voltaire castle in Ferney-Voltaire.

- Teacher in DSA workshop in École de Chaillot and assistant to Benjamin Mouton TP structure.

- President of the compagnie des architectes en chef des monuments historiques (chief architect for historical monuments society).


- Chief architect for historical monument in charge of Meuse area.



Baccalauréat série Scientifique avec mention au Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire.


Diplôme d’architecte DPLG avec les félicitations du jury.

From 1999 to 2001

Studied in Centre des Hautes Études de Chaillot (graduated top of the class)


Diplôme du Centre des Hautes Études de Chaillot – major de la promotion.


Reçu au concours d’architecte en chef des monuments historiques – major de la promotion.