Practice Profile

François Chatillon chief architect for Historical Monuments, integrates within projects, the history of the buildings for a contemporary appropriation that he claims as an act of invention, in its primary sense: discovery.


CONSERVE TO CREATE: he regards the past as an engine for creation.


In order to achieve this objective, strengthened by his experience, François Chatillon has built up an architecture agency of twenty particularly able colleagues over 2 different sites. This multidisciplinary team applies a rigorous working method at the forefront of technical innovations, open to various different partnerships and to collaborative working.


CONSERVE TO CREATE: he envisages restoration as a clever and innovative process.



We regard the heritage of buildings as an asset, a richness that is capable of adapting to contemporary demands but only if it has been supported by a solid knowledge base of the building.

The creativity that we demand in our work is always nourished by this knowledge. At the opposite of spectacular gesture, it is intended to be sensitive and delicate like a light breath. An effacement, an « almost nothing » that can make « everything ».

This approach requires very high intellectual demands as well a taste for the fine materials and details to be implemented.

Here, creation is full-scale.



The very first branch and head office of the practice, founded in 1986, just outside Geneva. It brings together all colleagues working on designs and drawings as well as the Management’s Direction and Administration



Located in the heart of Paris, this branch, under the management of Elise Quantin, brings together around ten colleagues who are mainly responsible for projects and renovation works in Paris and the Ile-de-France area as well as the Eastern region of France. This is also where the communication and sponsorship service is based.